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The ParTee Story

ParTee was born in the spring of 2017.

Many years before, there had been a local group for connecting golfers to each other.  However, times had changed. People were meeting online, not bulletin boards, and when new golfers wanted to find partners, it was too much of a challenge.

Although the need had not vanished, technology had changed. With the blessing and collaboration of a dedicated team, ParTee was born; after all, "When you see an opportunity, you practice and work, at least from sunup to sundown." Ben Hogan


Megan Coburn, Founder & CEO

I moved from California to Montana with my family in the late 90's. Having spent time in many industries, from retail to technical, and from medical to legal, my work history has been as rewarding as it is varied. As the great (fictional) entrepreneur Dolly Levi said "If you have to live from hand-to-mouth you'd better be ambidextrous." I am strong believer in (and practitioner of) the power of coopetition, hard work, and innovation. I am passionate about finding ways to help individuals connect with each other and with the businesses that comprise their community to create a win-win situation.

Robert Quick, Founder & CFO

I was born and raised in the (once small) town Bozeman, Montana. I am blessed to carry on my father's legacy at our family business, Cottonwood Hills Golf Club. After high school, I joined the Army, honorably serving for four years before returning home. Now I spend my days picking balls on the range, sharing very appropriate golf jokes with the members, and slipping out to play a few holes at sunset. I have had the unique opportunity to grow up in the world of golf, from my first putts with a Snoopy club, to high school golf, and on through my own time as a Pro.

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Advisory Board

Patrick Stoltz

Pat Stoltz started playing golf at the age of ten, and never stopped. He has been a member of the PGA for nearly thirty years. His passion for golf extends to all areas of his life. He is the owner of Rocky Mountain Golf Clubs; a golf shop and simulator. As a personal outreach, he provides free, no-strings-attached golf lessons to cancer survivors anywhere. He hopes to establish a charitable organization to carry his legacy onward into the future.

Regan Linton

Regan Linton is an actor, educator, writer and Denver native. She was recently honored with the 2017 True West Award for Colorado Theatre Person of the Year. As one of the few professional theatre actors who use a wheelchair, Regan has become a prominent voice for inclusion in the national theatre community, and serves as a national Facilitator with the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Institute at the Theater Communications Group. She is also an adaptive swimmer, golfer, yogi, and Broncos fan.

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Barry Henderson

Barry Henderson is a results-driven executive with a history in building high-performance teams. He is a motivated self-starter with vision and passion, combining a strong functional background with a keen understanding of business strategy. He gives back to his community during his free time, serving on a variety of managing boards.

Catherine Holliday

Catherine Holliday is a highly accomplished technical writer, proficient in requirement derivation and break-down of technical and functional elements. She possesses a deep understanding of the software development life cycle, resulting in quality project completion. She spends her free time golfing and giving back to her local community through a variety of charitable outreach endeavors.


part~ner, noun:

one who takes part in an undertaking with another as an associate, especially with shared profits

Rocky Mountain Golf
Rocky Mountain Golf

Support Team


A graphic designer, animator, illustrator, editor and brand developer with the ability to intuit the desires of clients, realize concepts, and carry out  to flawless  completion.



Data Processing

An experienced data processor, market researcher and virtual assistant, responsible for database management, entry, and verification.


Graphic Designer