Is there a cost?

We want everyone to join the ParTee. This is why ParTee is free to download. The full database of courses, professionals, and events is free to access and use, no matter what.

Is ParTee iPad Compatible?

Absolutely! We have spent extra special attention making certain that the iPad version is fully functional and easy to use for those users who prefer the larger interface.

Are you on Android?

Not yet. ParTee should be available on android by spring of 2019 at the latest.

Can I just sign up online?

At this time, ParTee is available only as an iPad and iPhone application. We hope to integrate functionality online by summer 2019.

Do I have to message friends to set up my own tee times?

Yes. The best part about ParTee is that you get to choose the partners you want to play with on the courses you want, during the times you are available. No matter how a course books their tee times, we have the proper information listed. You are not restricted a single method of booking a tee time - ParTee points you to each course's preferred method of booking, ensuring you get the best service available.

How does the booking process work?

ParTee is the only platform to make use of each golf course's preferred booking method whether it is a direct phone line, website, or other booking service. ParTee connects you to the course's preferred booking method, and they take it from there. 

Why should I upgrade to the full version of the app?

Currently, everyone who signs up is getting the full version of the application. There are no paywalls, locked features, or .99c micro-transactions separating you from full functionality.

How does the charity feature work?

Our Goal: Each month ParTee will pick a different charity (we call them our ParTee Partners), and an amount of download proceeds go directly to them. Additionally, these partners are promoted via the ParTee blog and social media channels with information about events and donation links. There will also be articles about charitable opportunities and donation options available for those who wish to support worthy causes.

How do I become a ParTee Partner?

Contact us to request an information packet and personal call to discuss joining us as a ParTee Partner. No cause is too big or too small.

What is a "Home Course"?

A "Home Course" is the course where you tee off the most, where you are a member, or where you simply feel most comfortable golfing. If you do not have a home course, don't worry - we're just glad you're golfing!

What if I don't have a handicap?

Don't worry about it! Not everyone has a handicap. (In fact, our CEO doesn't! shhhhh!) ParTee allows you to sort for handicapped and non-handicapped golfers so that you can find the perfect partner.

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