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Be found.

Be featured.

Be a favorite.


Access users who name you as their Home Course

Help new customers find you with in-app directions

Be reachable with click-to-call

Invite golfers directly to course events with direct messaging.


Unlike some companies which only list those courses who book through them, ParTee's database includes everyone.

In fact, ParTee's is putting all golf courses in our database.

How do we handle booking, you may ask? 

However you wish.

ParTee directs golfers to

your preferred

booking method, whatever that may be.

Your Superintendent 

works hard...

show it off with a photo gallery.


^ look up ^

Be Found

ParTee puts every course on the map. Partner courses stand out with brighter (and even custom) map markers. 

Golfers can find which courses are closest to them with ease. 

Does your course deserve special attention? 

ParTee has 10 spots available in each state (and a few select cities), for featured courses.


These courses are displayed in the opening screen when users log into the app, giving your course the first impression.

Be Featured

Show golfers why they should be coming to your course.

Photo galleries show off your facility.

Course bios and other information help golfers feel personally invited to your facility.

Direct linking to the Golf Pro, helps with finding lessons, events and more.

Be A Favorite

Your course has a lot to be proud of. With searchable amenities, golfers are able to find the courses which offer the extra services they desire.​


What does it cost to



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More amenities

More pictures

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Even more amenities

Even more pictures

Link to booking

Searchable amenities

Members Only Area

Static Event listings



Everything else

Members Only Area

Access to Course Interface

Your Logo as a badge

Group Messages & Invites

Push notifications


Interactive Event Listings

Be Featured!

Featured courses are the first thing our users see when they open the ParTee application. Only 10 featured listings are available in each state. Contact to inquire about becoming a featured course for your state. 

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